My great-grandparents took in, following the Spanish War in 1936, a Republican refugee... perfumer!!! The latter, to thank them, passed on all his knowledge to my great-grandfather.
This is how, in a climate of great social upheaval, he came up with the idea of ​​creating and marketing his own range of colognes...

At that time, 75 boulevard de Sébastopol was the head office. The sale took place mainly on the markets of northern France; later my great-grandfather “planted” his Parasol on the boulevard and this is how our customers named our store “Sous le Parasol”.

It was in November 1962 (after the Algerian war) that my grandfather Daniel joined the family business which took off in 1965...

In 1996, my mother Florence started “Sous le Parasol” as a sales representative. In 2002 she took over management.

As for me, I joined the company in 2021.